How to get rid of „new facebook stalker tool“

While I do not use facebook for my myself, I know a lots of people who do (well, I think the latter must be true for most of the people out there…). Currently there is a kind of virus that is going around in facebook and I was helping a friend of mine to get rid of this virus. Now I write down the solution here in my blog, so that other people have the possibility to get rid of it, too.

The virus I talk about is included in a message that you receive from one of your friends (because the one you receive this message from is already infected). The message says something like „new fb tool shows who stalks your profile“. I have read about different versions of this virus, so the message must not exactly match the one you maybe received. But the main idea of this message is always the same: a new stalker tool for facebook. Included in this message is a link and after you click on this link, there are two options:

Either you install an application or you become member of a group. In the first case, you can easily get rid of this scam by uninstalling the applications.
So let’s have a look at the second case, if you become a member of a group: I think the group names can vary, in our case the name of the group was * f r o M a r s *. Since you are a member of one of these groups, your account begins to write messages on the blackboards of your friends, spreading the virus-message („new fb tool shows who stalks your profile …“ and so on) and tries to attract more people becoming member of the group.

The best, of course, is not to follow the link. But for those who did it and want to get rid of it, try the following:
look into your profile -> info -> activity and interests -> edit -> show other pages
now you should see a pop up, that lists all groups you are member of. look here for names and groups that seem suspect or unknown to you (remember in our case the name was * f r o M a r s *). Then delete these pages, save and logout. Change your password to get sure no one hacks your profile.
Now things should be done.


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